What is the relationship between a mentor and a protégé?

Mentorship roles

Are you looking to become a mentor or a protégé and you would wish to know what exactly this relationship entails? Well, then you are reading the right article! In this paper, we shall tell you in details about this relationship to help you understand what being a mentor or being mentored is all about. By the end of this read, you shall, therefore, be in a position to know better about the mentor and protégé relationship.

The Relationship can be broken down into various stages as explained below:

 1. Acquainting Stage

The first and most crucial stage is known as the acquainting stage. It is at this stage of the mentoring relationship where the mentor and his or her protégé come in contact for the very first time. Normally, there is quite a lot of tension between the two at this stage. Therefore, communication here is not as effective as expected for the first few meetings. This is why the mentor, therefore, has to ensure that he/she tries as much as possible to get the protégé’s trust and belief so that they can start on the right foot. The mentor will hence try to talk out the protégé about their common goals, interest, and values. It will help them both to know about the objectives they are expecting to achieve and thus they will both get comfortable and start working together to achieve these objectives.

 2. Agreement on Expectations and Procedures

The second stage after the mentor and the protégé have become acquainted reaching an agreement on what both parties want to achieve. In this stage, the protégé will most likely lay out his/her plans and expectations. The protégé can also go further to explain the procedures that he is hoping will be used to achieve the expectations. The mentor, on the other hand, will now be able to tell if he/she can be able to deliver the protégé’s expectations. The mentor will also tell about his/her procedures on fulfilling the goals or targets of the protégé. The two will, therefore, reach an agreement on what to achieve and how to make it. It is at this stage that the mentor and protégé part ways on an agreement if they fail to reach an agreement.

 3. Actual Mentoring Begins

It is in the third stage of the mentor and the protégé relationship that the two now settle down to the real business. The Mentor now knows exactly what the protégé is hoping to achieve and will, therefore, be working towards achieving those goals. The protégé meanwhile fully understands what will be expected of him/her and will be ensuring that he/she can participate wholly in the attaining of the set objectives.

 4. Closing & Redefining the Relationship

The final stage of this relationship is the closing of the relationship. In this last part, the two parties will come to review the targets they had set. They will both be satisfied that the objectives have been achieved and will, therefore, be able to close down the relationship. In some cases, the two will redefine the relationship to include a follow-up stage. Here the mentor will be making an initiative tracking his/her protégé’s action to see if he/she has finally changed or become what they were targeting. After affirming that the protégé has now managed to utilize what he/she taught him they can both now part ways permanently.



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